The VS-89 unit is a four-wheel carriage with the model 92 rotating seal positioned in the front of the unit. This permits the cleaning path to cover more area in corner spaces. The unit contains a hydraulic tank built into the frame. The tank holds hydraulic fluid. The Eddy-Jet is connected to a hydraulic pump which turns due to the thrust of the nozzles when the pressure is on. As the hydraulic pump turns it takes in hydraulic fluid from the frame and discharges it back to the frame tank. In the hydraulic line there is a Flow Control Valve between the discharge side of the hydraulic pump and frame tank. This valve is used to create a back pressure of the hydraulic pump acting as a brake system thus controlling the rotational speed of the Eddy-Jet. The control dump valve used on the unit is the model 98-DVM

  • Max. Flow Rate: 50 GPM (190 L/M)
  • Max. Pres.: 30K psi. (2070 Bars)
  • Wt.: 325 lbs. (147 kg)