It’s simple. It blasts. It lasts.

Jetech. It’s simple. It blasts. It lasts.

Ultra-high pressure. Ultra-low maintenance.

For more than 25 years, Jetech has been a worldwide leader in high-pressure water jetting equipment and high-pressure water pumps and pump systems. The reason is simple. All Jetech equipment is designed and engineered with simplicity in mind.   Simple to maintain. Simple to service.  Simple to change. That means uptime is maximized and downtime minimized. So you get the biggest benefit of all — lower cost of operation.

Of course, ease of maintenance is only the beginning.  Jetech ultra high-pressure water pumps can blast away at up to 40,000 psi.   And whether the job is industrial cleaning or hydroblasting, environmental friendliness comes standard with all Jetech  pumps and pump systems.

The heart of the pump design is the Jetech proprietary liquid end. Field-proven to be reliable and cost-effective, Jetech equipment has been used in several industrial and commercial industries, including petro-chemical, water and waste-water treatment, food processing, construction, industrial cleaning and environmental services and many other applications where high-pressure pumps are required.

Jetech XP305

Jetech - XP 3500