Hydro-Blast Units

XP3500 hydro blast unit

XP3500 Water Jetting System

The XP3500 is an automation-friendly water-jetting unit that makes the operator’s job productive, cost-efficient, and safer. The XP3500 is built around the field-proven Jetech Triplex Plunger Pump technology with its easy-to-maintain AD Liquid End.

  • Integrated turbo-charged 35 cfm air compressor/air tank to run additional components
  • Low-profile galvanized trailer frame with spare tire and fire extinguisher
  • Direct-drive unit with water-cooled, oil-injected power frame
  • 5-speed manual transmission (Automatic & PTO available upon request)
  • Remote pressure control ready

Easy Maintenance and Repairs

The robust pump features low maintenance for quick changeovers with its enhanced packing, single spring valve, and the quick-lock valve design. Maintenance can be performed quickly with no special tools required.

The removal of each cylinder is a simple task that requires unscrewing the plunger from the pony rod and the removal of the four manifold bolts, which are accessible at the front of the manifold. The valve cartridge can easily be lifted from between the manifold and cylinder. The patented design allows the cylinder to be serviced without removing the manifold or disturbing the positioning of the other cylinders and valves. This protects the accuracy and integrity of the pump assembly and decreases downtime. In addition to its easy maintenance and fewer moving parts than conventional plunger pumps, it operates at a lower RPM.

Simple, Cost-Saving Pump Capacity Changeover

With a quick changeover conversion kit for the liquid ends, the pump has the capacity to operate at pressures between 10,000 and 20,000 PSI or 20,000 and 40,000 PSI, allowing the unit to grow with the demands of the field. If the unit is 20,000 PSI and it needs to be 40,000 PSI, the unique Jetech design allows the liquid end to be simply changed by replacing the 20K PSI cylinder with a 40K PSI cylinder or vice versa, eliminating the costly replacement of additional components (head, valves, packing, plungers, etc.) and saving up to 70% in labor and part costs!

Clean Water and Workspace

No more downtime due to water issues! With its self-contained water filtration system in the water tank, the easy-to-change filter system protects the unit from contaminants. Using an exclusive recirculating water lubricating system for the liquid end, all water is self-contained, filtered and reused, preventing any ground discharge.

Safe Operation for Optimal Uptime

The self-contained system is trailer-mounted for a dependable turnkey operation that can be pulled directly onto a job site to begin work. Optional container-built systems are available. With three straightforward start-up steps, the XP3500 is ready to run automated systems or standard tube cleaning and surface preparation tools. The unit is engineered with safety features so the operator maintains a safe distance from all high-pressure components. With built-in adjustable LED lights, the operation can continue safely in low light and in the night for increased productivity.