Filter Systems

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Titan ProClean Portable Filter Housing

The Titan ProClean is a portable, high-flow water filter system that unleashes unparalleled equipment protection. 

Contain Jobsite Contaminants, Contain Repair Costs

Water at most job sites is full of contaminants, creating disruptive havoc with the water-jetting equipment. Using the Titan ProClean Portable Filter Housing shields your equipment against unnecessary costly component repair and lost production time due to unfiltered dirty water.

Dual Filter Systems Keep You Up and Running

Using two of the largest size #2 aluminum filter housing vessels on a compact and portable cart allows the filtration unit to move with your team. The full 2” porting filters up to 300 GPM of the dirtiest water before it enters your equipment’s water inlet ports. The filter monitoring gauge shows the operator exactly when to change the filter bag. No guessing or losing precious production time due to dirty water infiltrating your system. The dual system design uses fully ported isolation valves that allow the filter bag to be changed without stopping production, isolating one vessel for continuous operation.

Run Parallel Systems for Large-Scale Jobs

For large jobs, use two Titan ProClean Portable Filter Housing units in parallel with its easy connection for extra capacity filtration. The isolation valves allow the operation of two simultaneous filtration processes for ultimate versatility and increased production time with titan protection.

Built to Perform, Built to Last

The lightweight aluminum filter housing units are corrosion resistant and robustly built on a moveable platform with rugged tires. The easy-to-change eyebolt cover ensures a tight seal for the filter bag without using special tools.

Titan ProClean Filters