Pressure Washers

Hot Water Pressure Washer

XP305 Hot Water Pressure Washer

An industrial-grade hot water pressure washer built for simplicity and hours of safe and trouble-free operation.

Eliminate Downtime from Dirty Water

The Jetech design uses a unique black water tank with a clear sight gauge to overcome the largest failure in the field—dirty water! The black tank prevents algae growth and the additional stainless steel removable filter basket with a 5-micron bag filter prevents contaminants from entering the inlet.

Road Ready

Operators can hitch the purpose-built, heavy-duty trailer with 14-ply tires for smooth and easy towing, even with a full water tank. With the units pre-mounted, owners can save money by tagging the trailer with machinery tags.

Safe and Low-Maintenance Operation

This simple, safe turnkey system is built with high-quality components so your team can focus on completing the job without interruption.

Increase Your Productivity Without Adding Another System

The single-axle XP305 unit is capable of running both automated operations and two pressure guns. Not sure how many modules you will need? No problem, the dual-axle XP305 can be configured with up to three modules, which can be added as your team grows.