Bare Shaft Pumps

bare shaft pump

The pump is the core component for all water jet systems. Jetech pumps are designed to maximize performance, minimize cycle times and ease maintenance. Our products apply different material on liquid ends and valves according to different working conditions to ensure longer service life.

Jetech can provide the guidance and expertise needed to incorporate a bare shaft pump into your system. Whether you are a manufacturer or a user with the drive to do it yourself, request a quote and we will help you select the proper Jetech pump for your needs.

Jetech can supply a complete diesel or electric system, or only the pump as a bare shaft unit.

Standard Models

Jetech offers a variety of standard models. Each pump is limited to the input horse power and speed at which it can be operated. This power rating is loosely reflected in the model number (100TJ3=100 horse power input).

Each pump is available with several liquid end offerings, dictating the pressure and volume range of the pump.

Liquid End Offerings for Water Jetting Applications

  • XH Liquid end:  40,000 PSI (2,760 BAR) to 50,000 PSI (3,450 BAR)  -“AD” Design
  • UH Liquid end:  20,000 PSI (1,380 BAR) to 40,000 PSI (2,760 BAR) - “AD” Design
  • H Liquid end:  20,000 PSI (1,380 BAR) and below - “AD” Design

Reverse Osmosis Applications

  • RO Liquid end:  Up to 5000 PSI (690 BAR) - “RO” Design