Pumps and Pump Units

XP3500 Water Jetting System

The XP3500 is an automation-friendly water-jetting unit that makes the operator’s job productive, cost-efficient and safer. The XP3500 is built around the field-proven Jetech Triplex Plunger Pump technology with its easy-to-maintain AD Liquid End.

XP305 Hot Water Pressure Washer

An industrial-grade hot water pressure washer built for simplicity and hours of safe and trouble-free operation.

XP-UW 100J3 Subsea Ultra-High Pressure Pump

The world's only open-frame submersible plunger pump that functions in subsea environments with infinite depths.

Bare Shaft Pumps

When a pump is sold as a stand-alone without a base or motor, it is referred to as a “Bare Shaft Pump”. Jetech can provide the guidance and expertise if you are looking to incorporate a bare shaft pump into your system. Whether you are a manufacturer or a user with the drive to do it yourself, give us a call and we will help you select the proper Jetech pump for your needs.