Runway Cleaner


The Jetech Bi-Whirl runway cleaning machine is the most modern affordable system on the market. It is designed to be towed behind a vehicle that carries the water tank and pumping unit. It incorporates vacuum port to recover the water. The rotation of twin 923RS Eddy-Jets is by means of a diesel or gasoline engine.

  • Max. Flow Rate: 100 GPM (378 L/M)
  • Max. Press.: 30K psi (2070 Bar).
  • Cleaning path: 72 ins. (1828 mm).
  • Noz. Stand-off Dist.: 0.5 to 5 ins. (13 to 130 mm).
  • 8 inch vacuum connection.
  • Max. Eddy-Jet speed: 600 RPM.
  • Diesel fuel tank: 10 gallon (38 liter).