Pumping Without a Power Supply with Jetech’s Diesel Pumping Systems

Pumping Without a Power Supply with Jetech’s Diesel Pumping Systems

Diesel Pumping Systems

If you need a working pump but access to electricity is not available, Jetech’s diesel pumping systems are designed for you. Engineered to integrate seamlessly into your high-pressure pumping application, they are ideal for use in a range of industries, including oil field service, mining, manufacturing, and construction. Highly customizable, they can be built to directly address your specific needs with options available for control panels, motor control, relief valves, noise dampening, rupture disc assembly, and more.

Custom built to your specifications, the filtration and supply tanks of our diesel pumping systems are high-quality and made to be non-corrosive. The 12-guage fuel tank typically runs for eight hours before needing to be refueled and, with multi-point pump protection, you can maintain high pressures throughout your application, regardless of the water level in the tank itself.

Beyond the functional features of our pumping systems, they are designed to be safe. The operator works away from the liquid end fittings and hose connections, eliminating concerns about working close to weep holes and stress points. In addition to this, the securable control panel faces away from the high-pressure connections. We also include an emergency stop on the unit which allows it to be deactivated remotely.

At Jetech, we are steadfastly committed to ensuring that our customers’ operations continue running smoothly, no matter what. When it comes to running your high-pressure pumping applications without power, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been searching for a way to power your machines, we encourage you to browse our catalog, take a look at our diesel pumping systems, and reach out to us with any questions that you might have.