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Discover Jetech and Their Water Jetting Tools

Discover Jetech and Their Water Jetting Tools


At Jetech, we create innovative water jetting tools that are built around simplicity and ease of maintenance. For 25 years, we have proven our role as a leader and as the industry benchmark. With items including valves, surface, cleaning tube, and universal tools, as well as rotating seals, Jetech can provide you with the water jetting tools you are looking for at an affordable price.

Universal Tools

Are you looking for a self-propelled remote operated vehicle designed to facility several Jetech water jetting tools? The Jetech WHUV (Water Jet Universal Vehicle) Platform is exactly wat you need. With cleaning tools including a water cannon, bridge, road and parking deck concrete demolition system, and a runway cleaning system, we guarantee this universal tool will be one of the best water jetting tools you have ever used.

Tube Cleaning Tools

The Jetech model HE-30/40 heat exchanger cleaning system, one of our tube cleaning tools, is engineered to clean and unclog heat exchanger tubes and pipe in a semi-automated process. This system only requires one operator who can control the rotation of the lances and the in/out motion of the lances for cleaning from the remote operators station. It is also optional with this cleaning system to have more than one rotating lance and is completely air motor driven. Our tube cleaning tools are ensured to satisfy your needs for tube and production pipe cleaning.

With a large range of customers, as well as accessories up to 50,000 psi (3450 bar), we have been providing water jetting tools, and supplying the highest quality equipment in the world market. If you are looking for a supplier for water jetting tools to satisfy your company’s needs, we are here to help! Contact us today for more information on our products!