Diesel Pumping Systems

JETECH's Diesel pumping systems are designed with safety and simplicity in mind. The operator operates the unit away from the liquid end fittings and hose connections minimizing exposure to weep holes and stress points. Jetech Diesel pumping systems include inlet water tanks and charge pumps to ensure proper suction conditions. System protections are standard on all Jetech units; Inlet tank level, inlet water pressure, power frame oil temperature, power frame oil pressure, etc. Diesels are sized and selected for years of operation in an industrial environment. Go to the pump page, select a pump model to see the specific diesel unit specifications and options.

JETECH’s Diesel-powered pumping systems are a high quality, high efficiency solution for your high-pressure pumping application. Our diesel pumping systems are proven to meet all the needs of the user, and more. Our pumping systems are customizable with several options to create a product for your purpose.

All of our systems use the Advanced Design (AD) liquid end, which provides power and reliability in high-pressure pumping.

Watch the AD liquid end disassembly video 










Other features include:

  • JETECH ATC 600 fully electronic automatic throttle control (optional)
  • Welded 12 gauge fuel tank with 8-hour run capacity
  • Industrial Diesel engine.
  • Heavy duty battery in securable steel enclosure
  • Heavy duty fabricated steel skid
  • Multi-point pump protection
  • Stabilizing stands
Many more features! Download our PDF.

Diesel Pumping Systems

Diesel Unit Overview

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Diesel System Option Chart

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Please have a look at our literature and discover why JETECH is an industry leader in diesel powered water pumping systems. Select a Pumping System below for more details.

50TJ3 Diesel Pumping System

Diesel 50TJ3 Pumping System 

100TJ3 Diesel Pumping System

Diesel 100TJ3 Pumping System  

150TJ3 Diesel Pumping System

Diesel 150TJ3 Pumping System


 Diesel 250TJ3 Pumping System

 Diesel 250TJ3 Pumping System 

 Diesel 350TJ3 Pumping SystemDiesel 350TJ3 Pumping System

 Diesel 500TJ3 Pumping System

Diesel 500TJ5 Pumping System 

 Diesel 600TJ3 Pumping System

 Diesel 600TJ5 Pumping System