The Jetech model HE-30/40 heat exchanger cleaning system is engineered to clean and unclog heat exchanger tubes and pipe in a semi-automated process. After initial setup, the system requires only one operator who can control the rotation of the lances and the in/out motion of the lances for cleaning from the remote operator’s station.

  • Standard unit has one rotating lance.
  • Optional: 2, 3, or 4 rotating lances.
  • Air driven rotation.
  • Remote operation station with foot control valve and joystick in/out control of the lances.
  • Effective cleaning length: 25 feet (7.68 m).
  • Box style X-Y frame with attachment points to heat exchanger.
  • Swing type level unit at rear at system to control level position of the lance track unit.
  • Alum. Linear track system with slide carriage.
  • Completely air motor driven.
  • One 953RS Eddy-Jet seal per lance.