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Removing Graffiti with Water Jetting Surface Tools

Removing Graffiti with Water Jetting Surface Tools


Graffiti has a unique and storied history that parallels many of America’s cultural and historic developments. From troops returning from World War II inscribing, “Killroy was here” on barroom walls to the rise of Banksy and modern stencil graffiti, would-be street artists have always found novel ways to leave their mark in public places.

While there are many undeniably talented artists out there contributing to the world of graffiti, their numbers are vastly outweighed by those with less noble intentions. As a way of marking their territory, many gangs will utilize tags that are spray-painted onto buildings, public transportation vehicles and even homes. In these cases, a swift, efficient method is required to remove these tags before they can negatively impact the community.

At Jetech, we’re a leader in high and ultra-high pressure pumping systems. These systems, in the hands of a capable operator, offer a number of benefits when it comes to graffiti removal. For strict removal, our water jetting surface tools are an affordable, easy method that offers operators a high level of control during the removal process. In addition to graffiti, these systems are designed to remove parking lines, signage and any form of paint from porous and nonporous surfaces.

With the control offered by our surface tools, not only can operators remove unwanted graffiti, they can fine-tune their equipment’s pressure to selectively remove only the top layer – or layers – of paint. In many cases, obscene graffiti is placed over legitimate artwork, like murals, or important signage. When this happens, traditional removal using harsh abrasives can completely strip the surface of both the “good” and the “bad” paint. However, Jetech’s tools allow for a range of pressures that enable operators to remove unwanted paint while leaving desirable artwork untouched.

At Jetech, our decades of pump engineering knowledge and our dedication to product innovation puts us in a great position to assist you with your surface cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking to remove unsightly graffiti or you’re interested in refreshing the look of dirtied, outdoor stonework, contact us and let us help you take the first steps towards a clean slate.