Stingray RFL 2.0

Remote Robotic Flex Lance

If operator safety is as critical as extreme performance when cleaning tube bundles with flex lances, you need the incredible new Jetech Stingray RFL 2.0.

Jetech’s innovation has created a remotely operated flex lance positioner with a remote dump system that allows operators to be completely- and safely- removed from high pressure water blasting areas.

The new Stingray RFL 2.0 has a compact design, is light weight, and sets up in minutes while easily bolting to existing exchanger flanges. It accepts most flex lances, regardless of length or size for all 10k, 20k, or 40k pressure requirements. It can also be used to clean single pipes.

With remote precision maneuvering capabilities and compact functionality, operators can safely and efficiently control the Stingray RFL 2.0 from up to 25 feet.

Stingray RFL 2.0 significantly decreases operating costs, while setting a new industry standard for whenever remote operation and safety are as equally important as production.