What are the benefits of water jetting?

Using high pressure water jetting equipment is more and more becoming a very popular way to perform difficult tasks safely and simply. There are many benefits to using high pressure water jetting, here are a few of the most important

Cleaner than sandblasting
There is a large amount of dust and dirt that deposits on the surrounding area when sandblasting. Water jetting only expels water vapors.

Meets highest standard for surface preparation
Water jetting removes all surface material and contaminants. It also prepares the surface so the new adherents will properly stick.

Environmentally friendly
Water jetting does not require chemicals or particles (as in sandblasting) to clean and prepare surfaces for new adherents. Only water vapor is left behind.

More effective
For concrete demolition using high pressure jetting equipment creates less stress on the structure, produces less dust, creates less noise, and is safer than the jackhammer to operate. The concrete and rebar are also left in better condition to bond to the new concrete fill. It demolishes unsound concrete at ground level, in walls and pilings, and even overhead.