Pumping Systems - Diesel 100TJ3-D

Standard Equipment

JETECH® Model 100TJ3 Triplex Pump fitted with JETECH® “AD” Liquid End and plunger size of your choosing

Cummins industrial diesel engine power unit model QSB4.5 or equal.

  • Includes the latest in engine monitoring and safety
  • Electronic  dial throttle for precise adjustment
  • Control panel (securable) located away from high pressure connections for enhanced safety

Pump Protection Package - protecting the unit by monitoring the pump system through a series of sensors and safely shuts down the system before damage occurs;

  • Low water level in inlet tank
  • Low inlet water pressure to High Pressure Pump
  • Low Power Frame oil pressure
  • High Power Frame oil temperature

PTO Clutch

  • Manually operated

Direct connected flexible coupling

  • Connecting PTO and pump pinion shafts
  • Coupling guard

40-gallon (150-liter) diesel fuel tank

  • 12 ga. Steel construction.
  • Eight hour run time
  • Easy read level gauge
  • Fused fill cap

Pressure gauge - 2X operating pressure

  • Liquid-filled
  • Easy-read dial face

Twin rupture disc over-pressure protection assembly

  • Redundant Safety for your crew

Suction water supply tank 50-gallon (190-liter) mounted over pump

  • Ensuring supply is free of air (a high pressure pumps worst enemy)
  • Level control by float valve

Centrifugal Charge pump

  • Ensuring consistent inlet pressure to High Pressure Pump
  • Driven from PTO

Cartridge filter unit - Stainless/Bronze construction (noncorrosive)

  • 5-micron filter cartridge
  • Isolation valve
  • Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling

Stainless Steel suction system (Double feed on H model, Single feed on UH model)

  • Double feed slows the water in the plumbing reducing turbulence
  • Stainless Steel after the filter to help prevent contamination

Plunger cooling water manifold with flow control valve

  • Cooling the plungers greatly increases packing life

Power-end lube oil cooler

  • Water to Oil type heat exchanger
  • Allowing extreme conditions
  • Increasing bearing and component life

Fabricated steel skid

  • Heavy duty structural steel construction
  • Fork-lift pockets for secure lifting and moving       
Painted - Jetech red

Pumping Systems - Diesel 100TJ3-D

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Optional Equipment


Trailer (shown)

  • Dual Axle
  • Electric Brakes (hydraulic surge brakes optional)
  • 2-5/16 Ball hitch (Pintle hitch optional)
  • Sealed beam style lighting
  • Full Deck plating

Lift Frame (shown)

  • Four point lift
  • Cover for unit

Actuated PTO

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic (requires Compressor)

Air Compressor - Engine Mounted (shown)

  • Turbo Charged-High Output
  • Governed
  • 5 gal. air tank
  • System safety relief valve

Hydraulic Pump - Engine Mounted

  • Includes 10 gallon oil supply tank
  • Suction Screen
  • Return filter

Stabilizing stands

  • For added stability

Enclosure-Protective (shown)

  • Added security
  • Protection from the elements

Enclosure - Sound dampening

  • Greatly reduce operating noise
  • Added protection and security

Electronic Pressure Gauge

  • Remote easy-read LED display

Dual filters

  • In parallel for changing filter while running
  • In series for added filtration when needed

Automatic Throttle Control

  • Fully electronic-no springs or high pressure hoses
  • Returns engine to idle when not jetting
  • Saves Energy, Fuel, Wear on components

Plunger cooling water return system

  • Returns cooling water to inlet tank
  • Reduces water consumption/waste