Water Jetting- the Safer Alternative to Sandblasting

Sandblasting can be a dangerous endeavor. In fact, it is considered the most hazardous jobs considering the high exposure to toxic silica produced during sandblasting. Silica can be life threatening. Proper precautions should take place to protect employees and surrounding living organisms.

Toxic silica causes lung disease call silicosis, which is often called “sandblaster’s disease” by doctors. Choosing an alternative form of blasting can prevent this untreatable and incurable disease. 

Jetech has created an environmentally, economical alternative to sandblasting called “high pressure water jetting” or just water jetting. It is just as effective on the job as sandblasting; it is cleaner than sandblasting. It is also available for a variety of applications.  

For example, vessel cleaning may require an employee to enter the tank, which would expose the employee’s system to chemicals or cleaning systems. Jetech provides a method that is just as effective as entering the tank, yet being operated outside the tank. Customized options are always available for tanks and cleaning systems necessary.

Cleaning pipes and tubes is a part of any business or sector. Jetech provides water jetting tools to clean such systems thoroughly and effectively, all the while not exposing operators to hazardous chemicals, like sandblasting would. Utilizing high pressure water jetting over chemical methods is inclusively safer quicker and better quality.

Chemicals are not the safest way; it was just the most popular, effective way for a while. Jetech has created a safer alternative to chemicals, just as effective, but more practical. Water jetting is less detrimental to the environment and less demanding on a company’s budget.

Jetech provides a variety of services: pumps, water jetting tools, hoses, nozzles and fittings, and rentals all for various applications. Currently supplying the highest quality pumps to businesses like BP, Exxon Mobile, Audi Germany, and Weatherford, Jetech is highly regarded worldwide for their quality ultra high pressure water pumps and water jetting equipment.