Get Better Results With High Pressure Water Jetting

When you’re working on a project that requires surface preparation, you’ll most likely get the recommendation that sandblasting is the best method for getting good results. This process of spraying tiny sand particles at a surface at high forces does produce results, but at a very high cost. Not only is sandblasting a somewhat expensive, it also can be a huge mess to clean up after all is said and done. The sandblasting process typically creates a cloud of dust from all the surface materials that are being removed, not to mention all the sand that needs to be cleaned up afterwards. That’s why, for most projects, high pressure water jetting is the superior choice when it comes to surface preparation for major projects.

High pressure water jetting is a simple and cost-effective solution to surface preparation because it involves very straightforward equipment and the use of water versus sand creates a huge savings when it comes to your project budget. Additionally, high pressure water jetting is a much easier method to work with if you do not want to have hours of expensive clean up afterwards. Any excess water can be drained or will dry up quickly, and the water typically absorbs much of the dirt and dust that would be made into a cloud were sandblasting used for the same project.

Another benefit of using high pressure water jetting over sandblasting is that the equipment is easy to handle and to get a hold of. Professionals can purchase high pressure water jetting equipment for an affordable price, or do-it-yourself folks can rent it out for a lot of savings. With high pressure water jetting, you will get ease of use, affordability and very easy cleanup along with excellent results when it comes to doing all kinds of surface preparation.