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Get Better Results With High Pressure Water Jetting

When you’re working on a project that requires surface preparation, you’ll most likely get the recommendation that sandblasting is the best method for getting good results. This process of spraying tiny sand particles at a surface at high forces does produce results, but at a very high cost.

Water Jetting- the Safer Alternative to Sandblasting

Sandblasting can be a dangerous endeavor. In fact, it is considered the most hazardous jobs considering the high exposure to toxic silica produced during sandblasting. Silica can be life threatening. Proper precautions should take place to protect employees and surrounding living organisms.

High Pressure Water Jetter Safety

High pressure water jetting has many uses. It can be used to cut materials, for various cleaning projects and many other applications. As long as proper care is taken, high pressure water jetting is safe, does not involve the use of chemicals, unless needed for a particular job, and is highly accurate.