Pumping Technology When There is No Power Supply Available

Diesel Pumping System

When access to electricity is not an option, diesel powered pumping systems stand up to meet the challenge. Jetech’s diesel pumping systems are the perfect solution for your high-pressure pumping application including being used in any of the construction, manufacturing, mining, oil field service, and industrial cleaning industries. They are designed to be simple and safe to use and are customizable to meet your needs and create a product specific to your purpose. Customization can include power options, control panels, motor control, pressure gauges, rupture disc assembly, relief valve, noise dampening, paint color, and more.

The filtration system and supply tank are well constructed and made to be non-corrosive with the water connections at the rear of the unit. The welded 12 gauge fuel tank can go eight hours without having to be refueled. With the multi-point pump protection, you can get low water level in the tank, low inlet water pressure, low pump oil pressure, and high pump oil temperature. The heavy duty battery is secured in a steel enclosure.

Safety is a Key Concern

The person operating the system will work away from the liquid end fittings and hose connections to minimize exposure to weep holes and stress points. The securable control panel is positioned away from the high pressure connections. There is an emergency stop on the unit as well as an ability to activate it remotely.

Optional Enhancements

Optional features that can be added to make the pumping system more efficient include:

  • Four-point lifting frame with cover
  • Pneumatic PTO or Hydraulic PTO
  • High output air compressor
  • Exclusive Jetech ATC 600 fully electronic automatic throttle control

Variety of Options: All Great Pumps

We offer 7 different high pressure diesel pumping systems, each with a unique look and adaptation for different uses. All of them, however, feature the Advanced Design (AD) liquid end, which provides power and reliability in high-pressure pumping. Jetech is always at the top of leading innovation and expertise in pump engineering. Follow this link to browse our selection of Jetech Diesel Pump Systems, and feel free to call us at any time with questions about which one would be the best for your application.

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