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Jetech is a Leading Supplier of High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

High Pressure Water Jetting

With an international roster of customers that includes the U.S. Air Force, Audi Germany, Exxon Mobile, and Post Foods, Jetech has earned a reputation for supplying the absolute best quality high pressure water jetting equipment. Whether you’re looking for high or ultra-high pressure pumping systems and accessories, you can be confident that our team can deliver. More than that, you can be certain that you’re utilizing the highest quality equipment on the market.

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Pumping Technology When There is No Power Supply Available

Diesel Pumping System

When access to electricity is not an option, diesel powered pumping systems stand up to meet the challenge. Jetech’s diesel pumping systems are the perfect solution for your high-pressure pumping application including being used in any of the construction, manufacturing, mining, oil field service, and industrial cleaning industries. They are designed to be simple and safe to use and are customizable to meet your needs and create a product specific to your purpose. Customization can include power options, control panels, motor control, pressure gauges, rupture disc assembly, relief valve, noise dampening, paint color, and more.

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Hydrodemolition: Safer and More Efficient Than Jackhammering

Water Jet Tools

It’s not news to say that breaking, grinding down, and removing concrete is a tough job. What’s also not news is hydrodemolition—using ultra high pressure water jets to get the job done. The technology for hydrodemolition has been around since the 1970s, but in the last ten years, it has been an increasingly more popular option to jackhammering. And for some pretty good reasons.

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World’s Only Open Frame Submersible Ultra High Pressure Plunger Pump


We are a world leader in high and ultra-high pressure (UHP) pumping systems and accessories. We were the first to successfully break the high horsepower 30,000 psi barrier with 300 horsepower plunger pumps, and then later we made the largest diesel-driven 40,000 psi plunger pump in use. Our company is not just about manufacturing and designing what is currently possible; Jetech is constantly researching and working to bring you the best products imaginable—or not imaginable.

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Safer and More Efficient Internal Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

We have worked hard to increase safety and reduce workers’ exposure to the vessels while improving the efficiency of cleaning tanks with the control and flexibility that you need.

The new Jetech ITC-G2 is designed to position over a tank car rail system and supported on an elevated rail platform, similar to an industrial bridge crane system. Designed for horizontal, top-access tanks, all the tank/vessel needs is a manway for the cleaning system to enter the tank. The component fits even some of the smallest manways and can be made customizable if you feel it won’t fit to your tank.

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Effective Cleaning Systems Essential for Obstruction-Free Heat Exchangers


Heat exchangers in industrial settings can become clogged as deposits from the medium flowing through the exchanger tube clusters can build up along the tube sides, causing obstruction. Left uncleansed for a long enough time, the deposit buildup or fouling can cause corrosion of the tubes, reducing the heat exchanger's efficiency and even causing tube failure.

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